Association and membership


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Annet Koster

Managing Director

+31 10 4146 001

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As managing director, I am the face of the KVNR. Together with Guido I also try to facilitate the work of our specialist staff as well as possible.

Guido Hollaar 150.JPG
Guido Hollaar

Head of Labour Affairs

+31 10 4146 001


I am committed to creating a positive business climate for Dutch shipping companies. This includes, for example, working on collective labour agreement negotiations for Dutch and non-EU seafarers.

Wendy Bank 150.JPG
Wendy Bank

Head of Finance

+31 10 2176 280

I look after the KVNR accounts. This means that, among other things, I give budget advice and also carry out financial administration tasks.

Reika Boer 150.JPG
Reika Boer


+31 10 4146 001

Together with Marijke Harberts, I am the first point of contact for people who contact the KVNR. In addition, I support shipowners in applying for or extending the licenses of their crews.

Cathelijne Bouwkamp 150.JPG
Cathelijne Bouwkamp

Maritime law and Security

+31 10 2176 279
+31 6 4168 5465


Advising on international maritime law and security are at the focal point of my activities as a legal advisor for the Dutch shipowners association. My work includes issues on ocean governance, cyber security, piracy and refugees at sea.

Nathan Habers 150.JPG
Nathan Habers

Public Relations

+31 10 2176 264


I am involved with communication at the strategic and executive levels. This includes working with the media, presenting information to the public, communication design, in addition to connecting the KVNR with its members.

Sanne Koeleman 150.JPG
Sanne Koeleman

Labour affairs

+31 10 2176 272


As a lawyer, I am responsible for the legal side of labour affairs. This usually concerns the legal relationships between employer and employee. Individual services are therefore an important part of my job responsibilities.

Nick Lurkin 150.JPG
Nick Lurkin

Climate and Environment

+31 10 2176 275

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In the field of climate and environment, I am committed to working for shipowners affiliated with the KVNR, whether in the Netherlands, Brussels (EU) or London (IMO). The most important topics are reduction of CO2 and other emissions, as well as the quality of air and fuel.

Niels van de Minkelis 150.JPG
Niels van de Minkelis

Technical and Nautical Affairs

+31 6 4824 0287
+31 10 2176 282

With a seafaring background, my role at the KVNR is to work on technical and nautical affairs.

Marjolein van Noort 150.JPG
Marjolein van Noort

Economy and Finance

+31 10 2176 278


The knowledge and experience I have gained from working for a Dutch shipbuilding company and the Ministry of Finance are very useful for me in areas such as green financing and economic methods of stimulating innovation.


Louis Stolper
Louis Stolper

Economy and Finance


+31 (0)10 2176 274
+31 (0)6 8200 2057






Mirjam Sturm 150.JPG
Mirjam Sturm

Secretariat & Memberships

+31 10 2176 281

I am the first point of contact regarding membership of the association and support the managing director in the daily affairs. 

Fransje Trotz 150.JPG
Fransje Trotz

Projects Employment Promotion

+31 6 3428 2793



In my role of Projects Employment Promotion for the merchant shipping industry, it is my job to make young people enthusiastic about a maritime career.


Jan Willem Verhoeff 150.JPG
Jan Willem Verhoeff

Data & Analysis

+31 10 2176 271

After a career at sea, I supervised the seafarers' training programme in the Philippines for many years. All that knowledge now comes in very handy working at the KVNR, where I mainly work on data and analysis.

Tjitso Westra 150.JPG
Tjitso Westra

Manning and Training

+31 10 2176 277

Drawing on my background as a former seafarer, my work at the KVNR takes in crewing matters such as documentation, certification, education and training.


Lodewijk Wisse 150.JPG
Lodewijk Wisse

Tax and legal affairs

+31 10 2176 270

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Every day I work on the maritime business climate. This includes the maritime fiscal regulations and the legal aspects of entrepreneurship in the maritime sector. I pay specific attention to the Dutch flag, the ship registry and Brexit.