Association and membership



The KVNR represents the interests of its members; those companies established in the Netherlands that operate ships on salt waters, with as many associated members as possible.

We achieve this in many ways; for example, through the collective representation of interests, individual service provision and promoting knowledge sharing between members wherever possible.

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Collective representation

The KVNR proactively promotes the interests of its members on the international playing field. Moreover, through the activities of the KVNR, members are represented in various national and international advisory and consultation bodies, often together with a representative of a (management) shipping company. In this way the KVNR actively contributes to policy making processes in national, European and international maritime politics. The aim of this is to maintain and improve the (inter)national business climate regarding economic, social, environmental and nautical-technical areas.

National representation

At the national level, the KVNR has regular consultations with, for example, the Dutch Ministries of Infrastructure and the Environment, Finance, and Economic Affairs. In this way, in collaboration with our members, we have an active contribution in policy-making and implementation of new legislation.

In addition, the KVNR works together with Maritime by Holland to strengthen the Dutch maritime network and to promote the maritime cluster as a whole. Important examples of how this is accomplished are information campaigns targeted at the business community, branch organisations and the educational sector, aimed at increasing numbers of maritime students.

The KVNR is also affiliated with the largest corporate organisation in the Netherlands, the VNO-NCW (the Dutch Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers). For example, the KVNR regularly participates in committees or cooperates with the VNO-NCW to defend and safeguard the collective interests of Dutch shipping.

International representation

In its role as member of national government delegations and as an employer representative, the KVNR is also internationally active. This includes participation in meetings with the ILO (International Labour Organization) and IMO (International Maritime Organization).

In addition to these important international and policy-defining platforms, the KVNR is affiliated to the following maritime organisations on behalf of Dutch shipowners:

  • European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA)
  • International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)
  • Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO)

The KVNR is also represented on the board of the ECSA and of the ICS. In addition, KVNR staff members participate in ECSA and ICS committees and workgroup meetings. This makes it possible to exert influence on European and international regulations; thus enabling the ‘level playing field’ for Dutch shipping companies.

Social partnerships

The KVNR plays an important role in determining employment conditions, wages, pension schemes and other social schemes of seafarers.

These guidelines are made in consultation between employers and employees. Representing the employees is the trade union Nautilus International. Representing the employers are various organisations:

  • Sociaal Maritiem Werkgeversverbond (SMW) Social Maritime Employers' Association
  • Vereniging van Werkgevers in de Handelsvaart (VWH) Association of Commercial Shipping Employers
  • Netherlands Maritime Employers Association (NEMEA). This organization focuses on non-EU seafarers on Dutch-flagged ships
  • Netherlands Maritime Employers Association Neptune. Neptune focuses on non-EU seafarers on board marine engineering support vessels

Although these employers' associations are separate legal entitles to the KVNR, the KVNR does perform secretariat tasks. Only shipping companies that are members of the KVNR can become members.

Individual services

In addition to its collective representation of interests, the KVNR also pays an (at least) equal amount of attention to offering individual services to its members. The KVNR has expert and experienced staff members that can give advice on all areas of maritime shipping; from labour issues (education and crew), to sustainability (environment, innovation, safety and quality) and business climate (fiscal, legal, insurance and shipping policy).

KVNR staff can assist members as a specialist and consultant with (after consultation with you) Nautilus International or government organisations such as the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate.

As a member you also have 24/7 access to years of accumulated knowledge, experience and best practices via the My KVNR platform.

Interaction between members

Naturally, the KVNR has an extensive network of maritime connections. These can be used for the collective representation of interests and to discuss current issues, exchange knowledge and share experiences. Such interaction between members creates a significant amount of strength – and, in fact, every member benefits from stronger business connections and a better competitive position.

Network of contacts

The KVNR has an extensive network of contacts within both houses of the Dutch Parliament (Senate and the House of Representatives). We also have close connections with permanent representatives of the Netherlands at the European Union, with Dutch members of the European Parliament and – via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Dutch embassies abroad. In addition, the KVNR maintains close relationships with various Dutch ministries and inspection departments thereof.

The KVNR established the Maritiem Poort at the International Press Centre Nieuwspoort in The Hague with the aim of further strengthening contact between KVNR members. In January the KVNR will hold its annual New Year's reception here.

Member participation

Within the KVNR there are three committees, which are active in various policy fields. These committees offer our members the opportunity to influence KVNR policy. They advise the KVNR Board in policy-making decisions and analyse decisions taken by the board. The committees are chaired by a representative of a KVNR member who is not a Board member. When it comes to the various issues and solutions involved – as well as communicating this to members – the committees are very much ‘to-the-point’. The knowledge acquired within the committees and then distributed among KVNR members is specifically tailored to maritime business operations – and therefore quickly proves its worth in daily practice.


Whether the subject of discussion is the environment, safety or taxation, the key aspect is exchange of knowledge. In addition to our committees and working groups, there is sometimes a need for a more in-depth analysis of the situation. To meet this need, therefore, the KVNR organises regular seminars on current topics in the shipping industry. These seminars are not only an effective platform for sharing the most up-to-date knowledge, but they also provide the opportunity for members to actively participate.