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Financing green shipping


“In order to make the transition to more sustainable operations, substantial investments are needed for existing and newly built ships. This requires additional financing and/or alternative financing models.”

Priority KVNR: to support financing for green shipping

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The necessary transition to a sustainable economy requires shipowners to equip their vessels with new systems such as LNG installations and ballast water treatment systems.

However, because ships have such a long operational lifespan, it takes a long time before the fleet can be renewed. Retrofitting existing ships with green technologies is one solution, but poses the challenge that shipowners often cannot earn a return on their investment from short-term contracts with clients.

An example of alternative financing methods for green shipping are the agreements made by a number of banks, including ING and ABN AMRO, with the EIB.

The challenge

Money can be made available to push the issue of sustainable shipping further by means of working with government funding. This would also be independent of the international playing field.

Furthermore, when new technologies are applied on a large(er) scale, it is expected that the size of investment will also decrease. Given the size of the Dutch fleet, the required levels of financing will be considerable.

The Maritime Work Programme includes a number of topics on financing and sustainability.