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“In order to keep the management of Dutch-owned ships in the Netherlands, the maintenance of tonnage tax is an indispensable part of Dutch shipping.”

Priority KVNR: there would be no maritime transport without an effective tonnage tax

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Tonnage tax has been part of the Dutch shipping sector since 1996. Since then, practically every country with a maritime sector has introduced similar regulations.

The Dutch tonnage tax regulations were modified back in 2010. Since that time, though, the shipping industry has evolved; with new types of ships entering service. Notably, these ships are not included in the tonnage tax regulations, but should be due to the nature of their operations.

The challenge

As well as playing a key role in maintaining the appeal of the Dutch flag, tonnage tax regulations also add to the competitive position of Dutch shipowners relative to their competitors around the world.

Because tonnage tax regimes are subject to European legislation, it is therefore important to keep them as financially attractive as possible. This can be achieved, for instance, by broadening the scope of regulations as much as possible.

State of play

Although the tonnage tax regime works effectively, it is vital that this strong position must be maintained. Therefore, in order to maintain the future strength of the Dutch maritime business climate, the KVNR and its members are preparing a proposal with recommendations and improvements to regulations.