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Member participation


As a member of the KVNR, of course you can benefit from numerous services, but it is also possible to get involved yourself. Active participation allows members to have more say in the KVNR’s strategic direction, beyond the right to vote at the annual general members' meetings. For example, have you ever thought of becoming a member of a committee or a working group to discuss implementation of KVNR policy?

Another advantage is that you can meet and exchange ideas with other members. For the KVNR, this is an important way for us to identify any bottlenecks or opportunities – and how to effectively act on them.

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Committees and working groups

Within the KVNR there are three committees, which are active in various policy fields. These committees offer our members the opportunity to influence KVNR policy. They advise the KVNR Board in policy-making decisions and analyse decisions taken by the board. The committees are chaired by a representative of a KVNR member who is not a Board member.

Committee meetings generally take place at the KVNR offices, and follow an annual meeting schedule. At regular intervals, however, these meetings take place elsewhere; at a committee member’s office, for example.

When discussing specific subjects, a committee may invite outside experts to participate in meetings. Please note that KVNR members may always participate in a committee meeting. The three committees are:

Labour affairs Committee

  • Labour affairs (terms of employment, employment conditions and social insurance issues)
  • Manning affairs (personnel policy, working conditions and training)

Shipping Policy, Economic and Legal Affairs Committee

  • Economic affairs (business climate, finance and taxation)
  • Legal affairs (insurance and regulations)
  • Shipping policy (national and international)

Safety and Environment Committee

  • Environment (air and water emissions, waste, discharges)
  • Nautical issues (navigation, communication and cargo)
  • Technical matters (engineering, ICT, piracy and security)
  • Innovation (initiating project proposals and establishing innovation themes)

Working groups

Committees may set up (temporary) working groups to achieve a more in-depth analysis of specific subjects and to advise on committee conclusions. Working groups typically consist of specialists of (associated) members, and are chaired by a member of the committee which set up the working group.

Contact groups

The KVNR also has three contact groups; these act as ‘sounding boards’ to connect to one or more committees. The three contact groups are:

  • Contact group Captain-owners and small shipping companies
  • Contact group Offshore Ships
  • Contact Group Public Relations

The organigram below illustrates the KVNR’s various permanent committees, working groups and contact groups.

Want to get involved?

If you are a member of the KVNR, you are entitled to participate in the committees, working groups and/or contact groups highlighted above. By getting involved you will be able to have a definite influence on policy decisions!

Are you are interested in the possibilities of member participation? Then leave your details below or contact us via the details provided.

Membership queries

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