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The KVNR has about 400 members; this represents around 90% of the Dutch shipping industry. Furthermore, the KVNR works to unite all organisations and companies that sail in ‘salt waters’. For example, the Dutch Fisheries Association and the Government Shipping Company have links with the KVNR.

The KVNR also offers organisations with a maritime link an associate membership. This is not a full membership with voting eligibilty, but it enables organisations to be part of the network, have access to exclusive documents and visit KVNR events.

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Why join the KVNR?

Within the realm of the KVNR, Dutch shipowners are united. This strong collaboration makes it possible to participate in crucial negotiations with one unified voice, in addition to communicating possible improvements to the business climate to politicians. Such strength in numbers is ultimately beneficial to the Dutch economy.

KVNR members come from a wide range of maritime sectors:

  • General cargo;
  • Cruise;
  • Ferries;
  • Reefer;
  • Offshore;
  • Tankers;
  • Ocean towage;
  • Heavy lift.

Associate members

In addition to its memberships for shipowners, the KVNR also offers the possibility to join as an associate member. The KVNR currently has about 100 associate members. This type of membership is intended for organisations and companies with a connection with the Dutch shipping industry, but do not own or operate vessels themselves. This includes educational institutions, insurers, ship brokers, banks and maritime law firms.

The benefits of membership

The KVNR keeps you informed of current affairs via circulars and newsletters. This allows members to act upon changing regulations, new (inter)national developments and maritime policy changes in a timely manner. These circulars are published in Dutch and English. Members also have access to the current member network, and can compile a personal information package, tailored to their specific needs.

In addition, there are numerous ways to participate in the social aspects of membership.

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