Association and membership



The KVNR is first and foremost an organisation characterized by providing extensive services (both collective and individual) on the subjects that its members need.

In addition, however, the KVNR also offers various products such as mandatory record books concerning oil, cargo and ballast water.


Exclusive information

The KVNR believes in effective communication with its members. Therefore, we keep you informed of current affairs via news circulars and the membership network that we call ‘My KVNR’. This allows our members to act upon changing regulations, new (inter)national developments and maritime policy changes in a timely manner. These circulars are published in Dutch and English.

In addition to being able to access the current member network, members can also put together their own personal information package, tailored to their specific circumstances.


On behalf of employers in the shipping industry, the KVNR is involved as a negotiating partner for new collective labour agreements.

Record books and sample books

KVNR members can make use of a variety of practical products aimed at efficient day-to-day operations. These include:

  • Issuing of licenses permitting foreign seafarers to sail under the Dutch flag;
  • Oil, cargo and ballast water record books;
  • Discount on the Netherlands Merchant Shipping Legislation published by the SDU.