Association and membership

Mission and vision

The KVNR is the advocate for shipowners established in the Netherlands; its activities focus on politics, government, the maritime cluster and society. The KVNR strives to ensure that shipowners worldwide can undertake safe operations with clean ships.



The Dutch shipping industry is a modern, clean, high-performing and innovative industry that is able to take advantage of new markets and play a leading role in numerous European and global market segments.


The Dutch shipping industry forms the linchpin of the Dutch maritime cluster. It offers Dutch seafarers attractive careers and, due to Dutch-based ship management, provides onshore employment through the operations of shipping companies. The contribution from the shipping industry to the Dutch economy is growing.

The Dutch register has a leading role in terms of growth, quality and service. This includes an attractive price/quality ratio, availability outside Dutch working office hours and a clear focus on service.


The KVNR is the representative organisation of Dutch maritime interests, playing a key role in the following subjects:

  • The growing need for safe, clean and socially responsible transport as a result of continuing global economic and population growth;
  • The essential energy transition to cleaner fuels, leading to carbon-free transport in the long-term;
  • Encouraging European short sea shipping with the aim to make intra-EU transport more sustainable;
  • Strengthening the Dutch maritime cluster;
  • The creation and implementation of innovative products and technologies.


  • Continued emphasis on the importance of freely accessible oceans (Mare Liberum);
  • The maximum contribution to a level playing field for Dutch shipping and to an internationally competitive Dutch maritime business climate;
  • The maximum promotion of sustainability and corporate social responsibility;
  • Active contribution to the realization of global laws and regulations and their national implementation;
  • Provision of high-quality service to members for individual topics and questions.