Vaccination Programme for Seafarers

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The Netherlands COVID-19 Vaccination Programma for Seafarers was launced on 15 June 2021, and complemented with a booster vaccination campaign as of 11 January 2022. On this page:

Vaccination programme in action

Apply for a COVID-19 (booster) vaccination appointment

The order of steps below is to instruct employers and ship agents of the mandatory procedural steps to take in order to participate in this programme. Check to confirm that you have completed all previously required steps as described in the General information’ (download above).

Arbo Unie / Port Health Centre manages the vaccination efforts under this programm in the four large sea port regions of the Netherlands: Eemshaven (Groningen, Delfzijl), IJmond (Amsterdam), Rijnmond (Rotterdam) and Scheldemond (Flushing-Terneuzen).

Seafarers employed on board of seagoing vessels visting these sea port regions are eligble for vaccination under this programme. 

Vaccination appointments can only be made by Netherlands based representatives of the seagoing vessels (ship managers and agents) and Netherlands based employers of seafarers.

Excluded from participation in the programme are seafarers working on board of fishing vessels (apart from trawlers), government vessels, yaughts and vessels not endeavouring on international voyages.

The medical services provider ARBO UNIE / Port Health Centre will process all pending vaccination requests and will contact you to schedule an appointment based on availability and capacity.

NB: PART II is not available for download, because it contained the instruction for vaccination at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport which has ended as of 15 March 2022.

1. Apply for an account (first application only)

Apply for an OK-to-Vaccinate Verification account at WWW.KVNR.NL/OK-TO-VACCINATE.
There is no need to use the portal after creating the account. The account will not be activated, but you will receive a confirmation e-mail that your account has been approved and verified (or not).
Creation of the account is necessary to agree to the terms and conditions and tariffs of all medical services providers contracted under the programme. Invoices will be sent by ARBO UNIE / Port Health Centre to the billing address in the Netherlands that has been registered in the process of creating an account in the OK-to-Vaccinate verification tool.

Wait for an e-mail from the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (KVNR), approving your account. Upon receipt of the account approval, proceed to the next step.

NB: the above does not apply to employers who had already created an account before 31 July 2021.

2. Collect all required personal details of the seafarer(s)

RECURRENT: For every visiting ship, collect all required personal details per seafarer who wishes to receive a vaccination. Use the KVNR CONSENT FORM (download) to determine who wishes to receive a vaccination. Register the details by using the provided Excel template (download). Upon completion of collecting and registering all required data, proceed to the next step.

3. Request a vaccination appointment

RECURRENT: Vaccination appointments must be requested by sending an e-mail with all required data from the previous step to COVIDVACCINATIES@ARBOUNIE.NL. Appointments can only be made for vaccinations at a specified vaccination site.

NB Ships flying the Dutch flag or sailing under Dutch ship management can also schedule appointment aboard the vessel. In this case, applicants must share PPE-requirements with Port Health Centre to access vaccination site (e.g. ship), if applicable.

4. Confirmation of vaccination appointment

RECURRENT: ARBO UNIE (Port Health Centre) will only contact you for scheduling the appointment if the request was made from an account approved by the KVNR (step 1). The verification will take place based on the e-mail address of the account holder. Incomplete requests and requests from unverified accounts will NOT be processed.

Communication appointment

RECURRENT: Inform and instruct the seafarer(s) about the details of the vaccination appointment and inform the ARBO UNIE / Port Health Centre about any changes in date and time (this will require scheduling a new appointment). Instruct the seafarer to complete the HEALTH STATEMENT FORM of ARBO UNIE / Port Health Centre and present it at the vaccination appointment.
In case of a BOOSTER vaccination: inform and instruct the seafarer(s) to bring the required proper documentation of either a completed basic vaccination series or proof of recovery from a COVID-19

5. Post vaccination

  • Inquire with the seafarer and ship (if applicable) whether the vaccination was received successfully and follow up accordingly;
  • Inquire with the vaccinated seafarer whether the double registration (card AND yellow vaccination certificate) was successful;
  • Comply with the invoice conditions of the medical services provider (if not, you will be EXCLUDED from further participation under this programme)
  • Evaluate the process and provide the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners with feedback, if applicable, via www.kvnr.nl/vaccines4seafarers.

How to obtain an EUDCC ('QR-code')?

Seafarers who have been inoculated with a vaccine against COVID-19 under this programme, can apply for an EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC), otherwise known as 'QR code'.

Vaccinated seafarers with a Dutch social security number (BSN) can automatically retrieve their EUDCC via DigiD in the CoronaCheck app. 

Once the EUDCC has been received, the seafarer can follow the video instruction below to add the EUDCC to the CoronaCheck smartphone app. This procedure is highly recommended, as the digital version in the app may prolong the validity of the EUDCC. 


Please note that the form must be submitted including the following attachments:


Because of privacy regulations, applications for an EUDCC can only be submitted by the seafarer who has been vaccinated. Applications that have been submitted incomplete or incorrect, will NOT be processed.


About the Netherlands COVID-19 Vaccination Programme for Seafarers

The Netherlands COVID-19 Vaccination Programma for Seafarers was launced on June 15th. The programme is managed by the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (KVNR), as commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The KVNR initiated a collaboration with two medical services providers who carry out the vaccination efforts in the Dutch sea port regions (Arbo Unie / Port Health Centre) and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (KLM Health Srvices). 

The programme in its current form is carried out by Arbo Unie / Port Health Center under supervision of the Ministery of Health, Welfare and Sport and in close cooperation with the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (KVNR).

In order to continue the succes of the programme, we work together with a wide variety of relevant partners, amongst whom:

Most of the inoculated seafarers have been vaccinated in Dutch sea port regions at an Arbo Unie / Port Health Centre location or on board of their vessel. Roughly 90% of the total number. The remaining 10% of vaccinated seafarers have been vaccinated by KLM Health Services at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (vaccination site no longer available). Booster vaccines are only available in the Dutch sea ports.

The used vaccine for the basic campaign is the single shot J&J / Janssen vaccine. Between 15 June 2021 and 31 December 2021, 21,458 seafarers have been inoculated through this programme with a Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

As of 11 January 2022, Arbo Unie / Port Health Centre provides booster vaccinations for seafarers under the Netherlands COVID-19 Vaccination Programme for Seafarers. 25,000 vaccines of the mRNA type, brand Comirnaty by manufacturer BioNTechPfizer have been allocated to this booster vaccination campaign.

From the very start of the vaccination programme from 15 June 2021 onwards, the Netherlands COVID-19 Vaccination Programme for Seafarers has received much media attention.

At the time of the launch, the programme was the only one of its kind in the world as a dedicated vaccination programme for seafarers, regardless of their nationality. By now, many other countries have also stepped up their vaccination efforts for seafarers.

Question, remark or feedback about the programme? Leave us a message

Should you have questions about the Netherlands COVID-19 Vaccination Programme for Seafarers, contact us via oktovaccinate@kvnr.nl or +31 (0)10 2176 288.