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The shipping industry is the core of the maritime cluster, operating against a complex international background. The shipping industry has a vital booster function towards other segments of the maritime industry. If the shipping industry flourishes, shipbuilding and auxiliary maritime services, for example, will also see increased activity.

In order to safeguard fair competition and equal opportunities, generating a level playing field should be the first priority of any (inter)national shipping policy, offering an arena where all parties in the shipping industry operate as equals. As a KVNR member, you will be able to influence the shaping of such a shipping policy directly. The KVNR has already become a major party in this matter, with its representation of 95% of all shipowners in the Netherlands. Your membership will increase our potential to safeguard the interests of the Dutch shipping industry.

KVNR membership offers you:

Collective representation of interests – giving you the option to influence (inter)national shipping policy and to ensure fair competition;
Individual advice – members benefit from a broad spectrum of advice and services;
An extensive networking organisation – participation in active sharing of knowledge and collaborations.

The KVNR range of services
The KVNR offers a range of services, based on expertise. KVNR staff members are actively involved in all areas of the shipping industry, ranging from the maritime labour markets (education and manning) to sustainability (environment, innovation, safety and quality) and the business climate (taxation, legal matters, insurance and shipping politics). As experts in their profession they are able to offer support and advice in your dealings with –for instance– Nautilus NL or authorities like the Transport and Water Management Inspectorate.

KVNR circulars
Internal communication with the membership is equally important. The KVNR will regularly inform you of topical matters by means of circulars and newsletters, giving you, as a member, the opportunity to anticipate the fast-changing rules and regulations, new (inter)national developments and intended policies in maritime politics in a timely fashion. Circulars are published in both Dutch and English. In addition members have access to the members-only part of the website where they can compile a personalised information package, applicable to their personal situation and circumstances.

KVNR products
KVNR members have access to a range of practical products aimed at day-to-day management. The KVNR issues permits to employ foreign seafarers on Dutch flagged vessels. We also offer products like oil and cargo logs. As a member you will receive a discount on your subscription to the Sdu publication Shipping Legislation.
The KVNR is a co-founder and governor of the Netherlands Shipping Training Centre, located in the Philippines. This training centre offers maritime training courses for officers and ratings on the subjects of safety and security. Favourable terms apply to KVNR members.

Would you like more information on membership, on how we operate, or on committees and working groups? Please contact us at any time.

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