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A network organisation


It goes without saying that the KVNR makes use of its own extensive network in the process of collective representation. In addition, the KVNR in and of itself is a significant and accessible networking organisation for its members, whether it be to discuss topical issues, to exchange knowledge or to share experiences. Ultimately each and every member benefits from this through better management and an improved competitive position.

Network and connections
The KVNR’s network boasts excellent connections with members of both the First and Second Chambers of Parliament. Equally close connections exist with the Netherlands’ permanent representatives in the European Union, the Dutch members of the European Parliament and –via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs– Dutch embassies abroad.
In addition the KVNR maintains excellent working relationships with a number of ministerial departments and their inspectorate divisions. The KVNR established the Maritieme Poort within the International Press Centre Nieuwspoort in The Hague, for the purpose of the continued strengthening of KVNR members’ ties with these target groups.

Committees’ correlation
The KVNR operates according to the linking pin model. In keeping with this model, members of the board of directors also chair the various committees within the organisation, resulting in an effective correlation between the board of directors and the committees. Problems and their solutions, as well as communications to the members can be dealt with speedily and efficiently. The knowledge generated within the committees proves to be of practical value on a daily basis; moreover, it is specifically tailored to your company’s style of management.

Be it the environment, safety or taxation, it is all about the exchange of knowledge. In addition to discussion in committees and working groups, on occasion more in-depth exploration of a subject is needed. For that reason the KVNR regularly organises seminars on issues that are topical and relevant to the shipping industry. Besides the transfer of factual knowledge, it goes without saying that members’ personal input is always welcome.