Green and powerful shipping

Medium and long term predictions indicate that world trade – and therefore world shipping – will grow, requiring ambitious environmental measures. Over the past decade, numerous treaties, conventions, laws, rules and regulations relating to the environment have been drawn up and come into effect. This has resulted in an impressive reduction of the impact of shipping on many aspects of the marine environment and the environment in general.

The Dutch like to pioneer, conduct research on energy efficient propulsion technologies and find a way to combine environmentally responsible shipping with an economically sound and strong shipping industry.

The Dutch fleet is among the youngest and most modern in the world. It is therefore also among the cleanest. Dutch shipowners are pro-active and make every effort to achieve further significant improvements to the shipping industry’s environmental performance. They continue to invest in high-tech innovations and unorthodox designs. The Dutch government seeks to promote this intention by offering financial support for innovation.

A major challenge is posed by the intention of drastically reducing carbon emissions (CO2). Thanks to numerous innovations, the shipping industry’s carbon emissions per ton/kilometre have over de past decades already been significantly reduced. This reduction is a remarkable achievement. But more needs to be done, given the already mentionned expected growth of shipping.

Further reduction will require innovative thinking, but according to the Dutch, emission-free vessels should be a reality by 2050. To achieve this ambition, the Dutch shipping industry seeks cooperation within existing international networks and builds up alliances with government and scientific institutes. Share our vision on innovation and sustainability and join in!

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