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General Assemblee
The KVNR is an association. And just as in any other association, the General Assemblee is the KVNR’s highest decision-making body. The Executive Board is elected by the membership. The General Assemblee meets twice a year during the Annual General Meetings (AGM)

Executive Board
The Executive Board is responsible for policymaking. The KVNR office’s function is one of operational support. The board consists of fourteen members and the president is chosen from among the board members.

The next level down from the board consists of four committees, involved in various areas of policy. These committees offer the membership the perfect opportunity to exercise their influence on the KVNR’s policies. The committees advise the board in regard to policymaking and once the board has made a decision it is worked out in further detail by the relevant committee. Each committee is chaired by a board member, according to the linking pin model. The official language used in the various committees is Dutch.
The committee meetings usually take place at the KVNR offices, according to a schedule that is drawn up annually. However, committee meetings also take place at other locations on a regular basis.

Committees may invite outside experts to their meetings in order to discuss specific issues. KVNR members may participate in any committee meeting. The four committees are:

The Safety and Environmental Affairs (Committee CVM)
Nautical affairs (navigation, communication and cargo matters)

Technical affairs (engineering, ICT, piracy and security)

Innovation (initiating project proposals and setting innovation themes)

The Labour Affairs (Committee CAZ)
Labour affairs (working conditions, employment and social insurances)
Manning affairs (personnel policies, working conditions, education and training)

The Shipping Policy, Economic and Legal Affairs (Committee CEZ)
Economic affairs (business climate, finance and taxation)
Legal affairs (Insurance and legislation)
Shipping policy (at national and international level)

The Public Relations (Committee CPR)
Strategic PR policy

Execution of projects (labour market, Maritime KVNR Shipping Award) 

The Captain Owners and Small Shipowners (Contact group CKE)
Short sea shipping (specific short sea legislation and information supply)

Working groups
The committees may establish (temporary) working groups. These working groups are generally intended to carry out in-depth analyses of specific subjects and to subsequently advise the committees on their findings. Working groups are generally composed of experts from among the (associated) membership and are chaired by a member of the committee that established the working group in question.

The KVNR office
The office is the association’s secretariat and provides support to the board, the committees, the working groups and individual members. Its staff members (either with a (board) member or singly) represent the KVNR in the various external bodies. The KVNR office received an ISO certification in May 2004.

Member participation
Participation in committees and working groups is open to all KVNR members. For associate members the committee or working group formally has to decide whether participation will be allowed. In practice almost all requests for participation are approved. Participation results in influence on association policies, acknowledgement and recognition and all inherent benefits!

Organizational structure

Updated on October 3rd, 2017