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Mission and vision

Arklow Dynamic and innovative
Worldwide, the Dutch shipping industry is held in high regard. Our fleet is one of the most up-to-date in the world, its crews have excellent qualifications, employment policies are progressive and standards for quality, safety and the environment are high.
Dutch shipowners have a reputation for being keen on innovation and the sustainable development of the shipping industry. Their continuous efforts to improve their performance and service are the result of this zeal.
The Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (KVNR) represents the interests of both this dynamic and innovative industry and virtually the entire shipping industry in the Netherlands.

Our vision
In the KVNR’s vision, the Dutch shipping industry should be a modern industry with an excellent performance record that plays a prominent role in a number of European and/or global market segments and at the same time manages to be the hub of the Dutch maritime cluster.

The shipping register of the Netherlands is a leading one within Europe, in terms of growth, standards and sustainability of the ships registered, as well as service and user-friendliness.

Our mission
By means of collective actions, the KVNR promotes an internationally competitive business climate for shipowners in the Netherlands. Representation of collective interests is achieved by playing a guiding role in future developments in the shipping industry, both at national and international level. Individually, we offer support to our members by advising them in matters of business climate, the maritime labour market and sustainability.