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About KVNR

Throughout the centuries, Dutch shipowners have flourished thanks to their steadfast willingness to take on new challenges. Individual shipowners and shipowners’ organisations soon realised that joining forces could make all the difference. This point of view is still as valid as ever in today’s maritime world. The only way to reinforce the competitive position of the Netherlands and to keep up with the high speed of international development is by a common approach. The KVNR will have been doing just that for over 180 years.

In its current incarnation, the KVNR has been active since 1992. In that year the Royal Dutch Shipowners Association (KNRV) and the Association of Dutch Shipowners in Short Sea Shipping (VNRK) merged, to become the new Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (KVNR). Ten years earlier, the VNRK itself was the result of a merger between the Royal Seamen’s College De Groninger Eendracht and the Association of Employers in Short Sea Shipping. The Royal Seamen’s College De Groninger Eendracht and the Royal Dutch Shipowners Association in particular have a rich and eventful history dating back to 1830 and 1905 respectively.

The KVNR proudly carries its appellation ‘royal’ and operates accordingly. The KVNR members of staff are always ready to serve the membership. They pride themselves on their high standards, have an eye for the bigger picture and –from the various disciplines– are able to generate synergy.

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