Maritime education

Palompon Institute of Technology


The strong collaborative relationship between the KVNR and the Palompon Institute of Technology (PIT) in the Philippines provides maritime education courses for prospective officers of the Dutch fleet.

Since 2001, the cooperation has resulted in almost 2,000 maritime apprenticeships.


A brief history

With the purpose of training officers for the Dutch fleet, the KVNR has had a cooperative relationship with the Palompon Institute of Technology (PIT) in the Philippines since 2001. The quality of maritime education courses given by PIT is under the watchful eye of the Shipping and Transport College (part of the STC-Group) in Rotterdam.

And then in 2005, PIT, STC and KVNR established the Netherlands Shipping Training Center (NSTC) to provide maritime education in Palompon. The NSTC offers STCW courses that include ‘Basic Training, Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat’, ‘Advanced Fire Fighting’ and ‘Medical First Aid’.

Since the beginning of the collaboration, 27 shipping companies have taken on a total of 1,722 apprentices from 15 selected classes. Around 60% of these people are still in service as an officer or trainee.

Disaster relief

When the Philippines was struck by Hurricane Yolanda in 2013, large parts of the Palompon Institute of Technology and the Netherlands Shipping Training Center were also destroyed. Even worse, however, was that the local population was seriously affected by the disaster.

In such cases of catastrophe, there is a responsibility for the shipping sector to take action. To this end, the KVNR has donated €315,000 to the local population.

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