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“For a future-proof and resilient Dutch shipping industry, in which the interests of Dutch shipowners and Dutch-flagged vessels are represented internationally, an attractive business climate is essential.”

Priority KVNR: to create an attractive business climate for the maritime sector

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Application of a strong shipping policy is an important factor in motivating ship owners to do business in the Netherlands. This requires a decisive government to carry out effective policy making, implementation and enforcement.

A robust and attractive business location policy is required in order to stay competitive within Europe. The starting point is therefore a level playing field – not only regarding economic, financial and fiscal regulations, but also in terms of international laws and regulations.

The Maritime Work Programme 2018-2021, signed in February 2018, strives to strengthen cooperation within the maritime sector while setting a number of concrete priorities. These include a properly functioning shipping register, alternative financing options, a coherent climate policy, in addition to safety at sea and on board.

The appeal of the Dutch register is still barely visible to foreign ship owners, however. Steps must be taken to achieve growth.

The challenge

The Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management is investigating options for outsourcing the duties regarding the promotion of, and acquisition for, the Dutch shipping register to a private organisation. The KVNR would like to take on these tasks; incorporating them into a specially created legal entity.

State of play

In the coming months, the definite implementation of the Maritime Work Programme will be determined. For each maritime sub-sector, a course will be established.